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The Dwarven Ruins of Dhroskaval - Level 1
Descend beneath the mountains and you will discover a wondrous ruin of dwarven origin.  Although the halls are now empty, you can see the history still alive on the various tapestries. 

Forge pits have the remains of the their last fire and pools of water sit still.  Travel across the natural bridge above the Deepening Chasm and you will see old storefronts.  Counters are covered in dust and shelves are full of old products.  Fountains still trickle, echoing the sound of water throughout the Deepening Chasm.  Why do they still work?  What happened to these dwarves? 

A few rows of tapestries lead you towards a staircase that dives deeper into the ruins of Dhroskaval.  Check back soon to see what you find. 

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