#DWC35: Combine three previous challenge entries
Five emotionless faces stared out across the ocean, staring unblinking into the driving rain that lashed against them. Four were made of stone, the heads of giant rocky busts made centuries ago. Over the many years of harsh weather, their bodies had become smooth, round lumps, their faces crumbling and half-covered with a white moss. The fifth belonged to a teenage boy, Jack. He leant his back against one of the stone figures, looking to his left out to sea. This was his safe place, the place he went to escape. The place he went to think of death—of his mother, of his father's threats, of his own mortality. He turned his head, feeling it start to ache at his unnatural posture. He gazed at the statue in front of him, watched as droplets were flung free of its flattened nose by the flailing winds. As they were ripped from the stone, they caught the light, just for a moment, glinting brilliantly as they were dragged into the twilight sky and disappeared for good. If only it were that easy. He felt a buzzing sound emanate in his front pocket. Not even looking down, he felt through the linen shorts for the right button and clicked it down. The buzzing stopped, and he would have peace for another few minutes at least. Father could try all he could to track him down, but Jack wouldn’t be captured so easily. Not this time.
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