DWDWYAP (Don't Wash Dishes Where You Angry Poop) Update

Update to Scumbumbo's original Don't Wash Dishes Where You Angry Poop mod.
Download here on Scumbumbo's Memorial Site 

Version & Mod Info

Version 2.1.2

Compatible with game version 1.77.131

Game requirements: Base Game

Change Log:

Version 2.1.2 (July 21, 2021)

  • Fixes to script errors to make the mod compatible with patch 1.77
  • Added two new console commands, dwdwyap.hello and dwdwyap.version, which shows the Welcome Message and shows the mod version, respectively.

Version 2.1.1 (October 24th)

  • Added corrections to the French translations, supplied by Caradriel
  • Added Italian translations by the lovely Isy

Version 2.1.1

  • Added a new settings menu, per the request of Kuttoe. This allows now for the Settings Menu itself to be able to be hidden in the debug menu.
  • Added translations by Candyman for French
  • Fixed an issue with CC sinks not tagged as sinks were not being targeted by this mod. While I think it's rather silly for a sink not to be tagged as such, so is the way of life. Now, any object that is tagged as a sink (Func_Sink) or has any of the following 3 SuperInteractions will be seen by my mod as a "sink" accordingly:
       74885 - sink_washDish_After_Eat
       4240 - sink_washDishes
       14242 - sink_washSingleDish
  • Fixed a bug where saving settings displayed a blank notification.


  • A settings menu accessible on all sinks provided they meet the requirements of "sink"
  • The ability to toggle the settings menu and the enable/disable sink washing menus between the "normal" menu and the debug (shift-click) menu
  • A startup notification (that can be toggled off if so desired) to ensure you have the current version & that it is installed
  • A merging of the original two versions of the mod -- default enabled and default disabled -- into one version, which can be toggled in the settings menu
  • Error trapping: a custom "DWDWYAP LE Notification" system (with a dialog) and error file, should an exception occur
  • A log file that can be uploaded should you need help
  • Installation warnings: depending on if the script is missing (or scripts are disabled in game) or if the package file is missing, you will receive an appropriate error message warning you of what went wrong


  • Notification Settings > Start-up Notification: Use this setting to toggle on and off the blue welcome notification that occurs upon first zone load to indicate the mod was installed properly and what version you have.
  • Sink Settings > Enable Dishwashing by Default: Use this setting to toggle whether or not sinks will have dishwashing enabled by default or not. Note that this setting is not retroactive and that sinks that were previously enabled or disabled will not be affected by this setting.
  • Menu Settings > Menu Type: Use this setting to toggle whether or not the Enable and Disable Dish Washing interactions are hidden in the debug menu.
  • Menu Settings > Settings Menu: Use this setting to toggle whether or not the DWDWYAP menu will be hidden in the debug menu.





  • One of the improvements that update added to the mod was that it fully scripted it. This mod no longer overrides in-game tuning and should be more resilient to patches.

Console Commands/Cheats:

Below is the list of console commands supported by this mod.

  • dwdwyap.help - prints the list of available commands
  • dwdwyap.settings - shows the settings menu
  • dwdwyap.hello - shows the welcome message manually, even if it's disabled in settings to display on startup
  • ddwdwyap.version - shows the current version of DWDWYAP that's installed



  • S4S and S4PE
  • PyCharm
  • Scumbumbo for the original mod from which this is derived. For more documentation on the mod in its original form, as well as an alternative download link, you can visit the mod's page on his memorial site.
  • The wonderful members of SAD (especially Kuttoe and Moxie) for being my Guinea Pigs and making sure the mod works.

Selected Screenshots:

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