Dyeing update important question!
The yarn for those of you getting yarn, is on it's way to the dye pots. If the weather stays as warm as it has been, I should be able to ship them out the end of July/ first week of August.  Yay!

We are coming up on the next chance to get yarn. I know it's weird to thinking about getting more yarn when you haven't gotten the first shipment yet. But we have a decision to make. 

Do you want:

Billed August/Dyed September/Shipped October  followed by Billed October/Dyed November/ Shipped December


Billed September/Dyed October/Shipped November followed by no yarn until 2018

With the first option you get yarn twice more this year, but it also involves shipping during December which means slower delivery times & the risk of packages being stolen. 

The second option only gives you yarn one more time this year, before we move on to the 2018 schedule. 

I'm giving you this choice because it's important to me that you are happy and most of you have said you are more interested in yarn than patterns. 

Making patterns is stressful for me and not really how I want to be spending most of my time. I do have some plans to work with some other designer and get you first grabs at some of their patterns too. 

More people supporting at yarn levels means I can bring you a larger variety of yarns & colors, work on getting set up for videos & tutorials. Spend more time focusing on things that help you make magick with your fiber crafts. 

In the comments, let me know which option you want. Whichever gets the  most votes is the one we'll go with. 

The hat in the pic is all done, I'll be getting the pattern written up and sharing it with you by the end of the month. 

Keep on stitchin'


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