The Dying of the Light - Chapter 0

In the beginning, darkness reigned. Nothing existed, and that’s how nothing liked it. But, everything must come to an end, even non-existence.

Reality burst into being, proto-stars and burgeoning planets spinning out into the void in a celestial ballet that formed order from chaos.

Nothing was displeased.

Nothing bided its time.

Civilisations rose and fell, tiny teeming masses struggling to survive in a barely hospitable universe. Nothing pitied and envied them in equal measure. Their minute scramblings to find meaning to their existence was hopeless, but at least they could try. The search itself appeared as important to them as what they were searching for. But inevitably, each and every one of them died without certainty of meaning.

Nothing waited. Its time was soon.

Vast powers stirred and grew, enticed by the bountiful minds of the masses. Some of them died as their worshippers did, unknown and unloved. Still others survived, growing with influence and potency. They gained the ability to affect reality, and as they did so their worshippers multiplied. Wars were fought by the faithful for their Power’s favour, and the Powers argued and fought amongst themselves for the title of the greatest.

A small sect developed, ignored or shunned by all others. They did not worship any of the Powers, for they did not need great strength, or wisdom, or knowledge. They gave their minds to Nothing, and Nothing accepted them with open arms.

It was time.

Forces rose to combat the sect’s machinations, and for the life span of the stars the two opposing groups fought. But for all the sacrifices and fervour of the faithful, they could not stop the encroachment of Nothing. For how can that inevitability be stopped? It comes to us all, in time.

All they could hope for was a chance, a single chance not for redemption, or salvation, but for renewal. A chance for life to conquer entropy.

Unfortunately for them, their last, best hope for this lay in a person who, right at this moment, was trying to kill himself.

They had to move quickly.