Dyn-A-Mic Tales Update! Dark Thunder, Issue #1, Page 11
Ahh...yes. Now things begin to get VERY interesting, wouldn't you say? I mean poor Norman Klips started his day at the shrink's office since he was court ordered to be there in the first place. Then he suffers another black out. Once conscious he finds himself sitting atop a plane's fuselage, and it was just flying thousands of miles up at the time? Now here's the question: how did he survive his trip without any oxygen equipment, or anything that kept him strapped down? 'Cause once he got up sad, clueless Norman lost his footing and dropped like a rock into a baggage cart and that saved his life, but he winds up back in serious trouble with the courts again. By this time the judge goes over the documentation on this strange little man's adventures that only make sense to someone stuck in The Twilight Zone! To keep him under the strictest of control the judge places him into the custody of his twin and sister, Normina Klips with a strong order that his amnesic sleepwaking illness will be kept under control or stricter measures will be instigated. Hey, come on, do you think it will be that EASY for him not to get into more HOTWATER WITH THE HEAT? Just you wait to see how HOT this first issue gets!

Oh, and since I'm the only one working on this comic and willing to ask you all who have been reading our little silly saga, let's have some fun and engage in some thoughts as to how any of this is possible? I can't wait. I mean how or what is the power behind DARK THUNDER'S first adventure? Of course I can't reveal it myself. I'd just like to hear what you folks think it could be? By Dyn-A-Mic Tales #3 you'll start to see who is the BIG BAD Dude that is out to Threaten EVERYONE! Thanx.

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