Dynamuc pose with gammoth armor

Tier Benefits
Fan Character Creation
$1 or more per null
If you're the type of person who has a hard time drawing or just want to see your OC(original character) drawn differently, then this reward is for you! Just send us a picture or a detailed description of your OC and we'll bring the picture to life! If you like it, we'll send it to you via mail.
OC Shoutout!
$10 or more per null
  • When  far enough, we will include your OC in one of our comics(if we get that far)
  • We will sketch your OC and include them in a comic skit or a drawing of ours.
  • You will have to contact us to give us a description of what the character will be wearing, what their personality is like, and a few details that you'd want in the picture or comic
  • not only will we feature the OC, but we will sign it and send it to you!
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