E-Calypso (Streaming)
A silly song I wrote for the SoulWriters song prompt "Eclipse" in the week following August 21, 2017. My Dad features as album art for this song as he rocks those eclipse glasses!

Note: Peter Alway caught a decimal point error in the first verse. I have fixed the error and uploaded the revised song to soundcloud. I will be uploading a corrected mp3 version of it with a PDF of the revised lyrics for my Patrons.



Copyright 2017 by Mary Crowell


Let’s dance the eclipse calypso


We’ll call it the “E-calypso"


Let’s dance the eclipse calypso

We’ll call it the “E-calypso”

The moon drinks the sun in sips so

Let’s don our glasses and see.

They’re celestial bodies we ship, so

Four Hundred times bigger than she

She’ll start dining with just a light nip so

Like a premium game’s first little fee.

Many folks make longish trips so

To watch their torrid totality.

We’re fans of the stellar, Ipso facto,

the sun’s the star, most agree.


Some folks, they don’t give a rip, so

About this sight we go see.

They might tell us, “get a grip,” so

We ignore them while dancing with glee