E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, & Freelancing Trainers Program

As DigitalFilipino.com turns 20 years old this September 2019, we are focused reaching the target of enabling 100,000 MSMEs to do e-commerce. We will also develop more e-commerce advocates, consultants, and trainers who shares the same passion that we have.

To join and become Certified E-Commerce Trainer Level 1, become a trainer training patron today and start getting access to the following:

  • E-Commerce Introduction
  • Branding Development 
  • Buyer Persona 
  • WordPress Site Development & Security 
  • Site Theme & Content Creation - Photos & Product Description
  • Content Creation - Blogs,  Pages, Social Media 
  • Consumer Protection & Data Privacy 
  • Search Engine Optimization & Analytics
  • WordPress Maintenance & Backup Recovery 
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • E-Mail Marketing 
  • Blogging & Finding Blogs
  • Social Media Tools & Profile Creation
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Social Media Campaign Activities & Schedule 
  • more training topics to be added....

Note that access to the above will be at four (4) topics at a time. 

To become a Certified E-Commerce Trainer Level 2, please note of the following schedule via webinar from 7 pm to 9 pm. 

  • E-Commerce Business Model Development (June 13, 18, 25)
  • E-Commerce Marketplaces (July 2)
  • Online Payment System (July 9)
  • Supplier Sourcing Strategies (July 19)
  • Logistics Setup (July 23 and 30)
  • E-Commerce Marketplace Development (August 5, 13, 20)
  • SEO and Multi-Funnel Content Development (August 27, September 3, 17, 20)
  • 66-Days Digital Marketing Campaign Execution (October 1, 4, 8, 11)

The first trial of this program will be offered to Trainer Training community members (US$75 / month) and will be continuously improved. As soon as the series commence, Trainer Training Patrons shall get to:

  • Access the recorded webinar and do the exercises (presentation video, training deck, and exercises)
  • If you are working on level 2, join the above sessions.
  • Be a presenter in our webinar series via webinar and face to face.
  • Participate in training events.

Become a Trainer Training Patron today. 

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