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A thank you on my blog, with your name going up for all eternity. So, you know, people know who to blame. Also, never fear: If you take one of the bigger rewards, you get the 1 dollar reward too! Baller! Slash! Other fakey sounding but actually real slang meaning cool!
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A background character in one of my novels named after you or your handle. If the character is non-human (remember, I write sci-fi and fantasy), I may add random apostrophes to your name. (E.G: Da'vid)
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You know those plebs who only paid 5 dollars? Well, you (being one of the awesomes who paid 10 dollars) get everything they get...AND get to decide what kind of background character you are! Do you want to be one of the mooks who gets killed by the bad guy to show things are getting serious? With 10 dollars a month, I'd be more than glad to oblige!
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Did you think the 10 dollar reward sounded good...but, you wanted to be more important to the story? Well, guess what, you can now be a SIDE character! What is a side character? They are more than a mook, less than a reoccurring cast member. They are on the level with annoying shopkeeper or surly town guard - they show up, have character, and impact the plot for a bit, but don't show up again.
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So, being in one scene isn't good enough for you? Well, obviously, since you have 40 bucks to spend! Well, now, you get to work with me to create a SUPPORTING cast member! A supporting cast member would be things on the level of the main bad guy's henchman - and everyone loves being that one henchman who doesn't get many lines but you totally know he'll be the hardest fight in the last battle. Yeah, that guy. Or, you can be a mysterious ally of the main characters. Like Gandalf! (This reward level does not guarantee that you will be played by Ian McKellen in the film adaptation.)
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Why be a character...when you can be GOD!? Because that is kind of what writing is like! But why be God...when you could be God's commissioner! He or she got to enjoy all the fruits of God's labor like cheese and the internet, but didn't have to do all that work like crafting physics or deciding to make human beings with brains capable of understanding the world logically but unable to actually apply that logic in any meaningful way. Basically, what I am saying is that, for 50 dollars a month, I will write you a short story of 5,000 to 6,000 words, with characters, settings and events of your choice! There are two restrictions: 1) The story must be PG-13 (1980s PG-13, where you can have face melting and maybe a few boobs, but no hardcore sex or loads of graphic violence) and 2) I can only write one story per month. So, if a load of people take this option, you may need to wait patiently - first come, first serve. (Though, those who qualify for the NEXT reward will get fast tracked to the front of the line.)

NOTE: This story is a private, just for you story, and will be E-mailed to you!
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Did you like the idea of having your very own short story but...didn't like the fact that I won't write hardcore sex, extreme kinks and fetishes, or loads of graphic violence? Well, fear not, that is more a matter of money than principle: I will gladly, and I do mean gladly, write a 5,000 to 6,000 word short story for you with characters, setting and plot of your own theme...and without any restrictions, save patience. Again, I need at least a month to write a story, and it is on a first come, first serve basis.

NOTE: This story is a private, just for you story, and will be E-mailed to you!
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