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E170 - Modern Horizons Preview Card #MTGMH1

Phil, Shivam, and Olivia Guest-Host are happy to bring you our Modern Horizons preview card AND a fun new game we call EBH!

Our card is definitely one we have used in Commander, at least those of us with a collection that goes back a bit or we've, ah, acquired a few singles along the way.

It's also a "forgotten card" because most people run other tutors, either because it's cheaper (Worldly Tutor) or flops them on the battlefield (Chord of Calling/Green Sun's Zenith). This one, though, is more like a Demonic Tutor, restricted to creatures.

We also tried a fun "game" called Exile, Battlefield, Hand - EBH for short ;) - and had a blast. This turned out more like three people talking about cards while playing Magic - we have had this conversation with others!

Let us know what you think of the show and the streaming format - good, bad, ugly, we're always looking to improve.

Thanks for your continued support.

Phil, Shivam (and Olivia!)

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