E3 2014: EA Abridged!
NOW THEN, WHAT'S THIS? Much happier with this than I was with the first video - far more comedy material to work with, allowing for a much tighter little bit of work. The MS wasn't bad, I don't think - but it certainly felt more like a personal challenge than a chance to properly do my thaaaaang. Will talk about this stuff a bit more in this week's update vid, which will be up later tonight/possibly tomorrow. Anyway, I'll be interested to see if people agree - my radar has been well out of whack lately, so we'll see! Have a lovely day, and I'll likely have more Abridged vids by Monday at the very latest. Can't decide whether to tackle Ubi or Sony next - still undecided about whether or not to bother with Nintendo, because A: Their presentation was already funny, and B: All I had for it was <3 Matt x