E3 2016 Playlist
It's been a busy week this E3, but super fun all around. If you missed anything or want to revisit a moment, you can check out our full E3 playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwa6fmqvU-4G3_7wjL73QOyq0K8SRJDUj

The earliest few videos cover each press conference with pre-shows, reactions, and post-shows included, and we highlighted a few of the most exciting moments in standalone videos.

As for our nightly impressions of the games at the show floor, you can catch all of those in our Day One, Day Two, and Day Three videos which each have a full list of timestamps in the description - more than 50 games were discussed in all. We also clipped out about a dozen these conversations to make them easier to find and share. 

I hope you enjoyed all of our E3 coverage, and we may have a few straggling videos left to produce after the team recuperates. Thank you all for your support in letting us get back to the show. It was a huge success on all fronts.