E3 2018 Predictions...By A Magic 8 Ball - What's Good Games (Ep. 53)
'ELLO FRIENDS, and happy weekend-time to you! (I was going to say happy Friday, but it's not Friday for everyone and well I just don't want anyone to feel left out. Or something. )

If you can't tell, Britt here, and I'm super-duper excited to present to ye our E3 predictions show! The ladies and I ran down every press conference and discussed what we thought would make an appearance, what wouldn't and everything in-between. (Is there even an in-between in that scenario?)

THE TWIST: We bought a Magic 8-Ball to help us. We'll see how right that thing was in just a few weeks!

I'm heading out on an Alaskan cruise in a few hours (I may or may not have packed yet)(spoilers: I haven't packed) so I'll be MIA next week, but Steimer and Andrea will hold down the fort as usual!

Have an amazing weekend!

<333 Britt


E3 is LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS AWAY (!!!) so it's time to make some freakin' predictions. But this time the What's Good Games crew has the help of a friend...a Magic 8 Ball. Some predictions are bold, some are predictable, and some are NEVER happening, but we hope you enjoy this special episode!   

OUR E3 PREDICTIONS SHOW: 0:42 - Welcome to the show! 3:41 - Our E3 predictions HAVE A TWIST 9:00 - Our predictions for EA's conference 19:11 - Xbox conference predictions 43:46 - Bethesda conference predictions 51:03 - Square Enix predictions  59:34 - Ubisoft's conference predictions 1:10:50 - PlayStation predictions 1:24:00 - Nintendo predictions 1:32:40 - Wrapping it up!