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EaglesFanCast 235 - Eagles Super Bowl Week
This is it. This is the week! We are just days away from the Philadelphia Eagles taking on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. The Philadelphia region cannot be more electric right now. Eagles fans everywhere are so excited, the tension is just building at this point.

Our Eagles, who have overcome so much this season, are in the big game, against all odds. They have lost great players for the season, but they have stuck together, supported each other, embraced the underdog status, and outplayed everyone to get to the Super Bowl.

Now they have arrived at their destination, they have basked in the media frenzy, and have gone to work for one final game. 

We can't be more impressed, proud, excited, and just plain giddy at this point. This team is special, and I'm honored to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan.