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Ear To The Ground: The Winter Hoot

The Winter Hoot is a three-day, music festival held twice a year in New York's Hudson Valley at the Ashokan Center (near Woodstock) and bills itself as a “down-home, down-to-earth, music gathering where everyone is welcome and there's joy to spare.” The mission of organizers Ruth Ungar and Mike Merenda is to bring together community through music, arts, and food and to inspire a new generation of folk music lovers to carry the torch. 

This piece focuses on the Winter Hoot, which takes place every January. It includes interviews with performers and organizers, footage of stage performance and intimate, music sessions that took place in front of a live audience in the Pewter Shop, a tiny 18th century building on the grounds of the Center.

“Infused with the spirit of Pete Seeger, Levon Helm, and Woodstock, organizers Mike Merenda and Ruth Ungar want to get young people involved in the folk scene.” —The Village Voice

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