EarBuds Podcast Collective: *Go Sports!*
This week's theme was *Go Sports!* and the podcast episodes for it were curated by Lukas Weisheit of the Ohr Podcast Newsletter. 

Here's the list: 

MONDAY EPISODE (1/8): Radiolab - American Football - 77 minutes

TUESDAY EPISODE (1/9):  Revisionist History - The Big Man Can't Shoot - 36 minutes

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (1/10): You Made it Weird - Aaron Rodgers - 120 minutes

THURSDAY EPISODE (1/11): The Rematch - Dr. John Carlos - 45 minutes

FRIDAY EPISODE (1/12): The Secret to Victory - Matt Ryan: The Closer You Get, The Harder The Loss - 18 minutes 

Listen with us! I (Arielle, the founder of EarBuds) thank you for your support!