Early Access = EP125: A Dad's Perspective, with Jeremy Buczek (Part 2)
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Today we continue to talk with new dad, Jeremy Buczek about his pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum experience. In Part 1 last week, we left off just as things were moving into active labor. Today, we continue from there through the birth, and into postpartum, where Jeremy shares the trauma he experienced, what helped him through it, and the joy of becoming a dad. Check it out!

What we talked about (Part 2):

  • The labor “time warp”
  • Finding calm and tranquility in the tub
  • To hep-lock or not to hep-lock?
  • Approaching it like an athletic event
  • The importance of reassurance!
  • Using a code word
  • If you’re scared: speak up!
  • Amniotic fluid = baby cologne
  • The reality of postpartum hemorrhage
  • Dealing with your trauma
  • The amazing placenta
  • Quiet can mean different things to different people
  • Take an INDEPENDENT birth class
  • To cut or not cut the cord
  • Why you should write a birth plan
  • Asking nurses about baby care
  • Bonding with your baby
  • Take the help!

Additional resources and articles mentioned by Jeremy:

  • Average hemorrhage blood loss
  • Beautiful Birth Choices childbirth ed. class (in Rochester, NY)

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About Jeremy Buczek

Supply Chain Specialist for a bio-pesticide company, Owner of Rochester Yeast Co. and Cheveux Hair Oil, beer brewer, whiskey enthusiast, fermenter, gardener, woodworker, foodie/cook and most importantly new dad to a healthy daughter Eloise. 

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