🥳 DOWNLOAD 🥳 - The Sims 4 - Plumfruit (Part 1)

HOTFIX UPDATE 13th SEPTEMBER - Public Access! Better organised Darkmode and regular versions, with a link redirecting to the Darkmode Beta Post! Please re-download from the new pdf guide linked down below, and make sure to remove the old Plumfruit file(s) from your Mods folder. The changelog for the last update is at the end of this post. Happy simming!


Dear all!

Here it is (a bit earlier than planned)! My newest Mod Pack filled with beautiful electronic devices for your sims, designed by the one and only Plumfruit brand in San Myshuno. This is the first part of my Plumfruit Collection, a second part with more items will come in a few weeks! You can share screenshots or even videos online! Make sure to tag me so I can see them, and I can't wait to see you all playing with this new kit!

------------------------ CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PLUMFRUIT PART 1 -------------------

This is a PDF Guide, please read it carefully before installing, the download links are at the end of the pdf. Bug reports can be made on this link. 

  • New Smartphone Ui (User Interface) looking like the PlumPhone. You can even change the wallpaper! 
  • New PlumPhone & PlumPhone Pro: the famous PlumPhone is here, replacing your old looking (thicc) phones in the game. Light, sleek and functional, this new phone is the one of your (sims) dreams! Want more options? Buy the PlumPhone Pro from the catalog, put it in your inventory, and discover its many apps! Photos Library, Camera, Simstagram, or even a dating app called Luv-2-Meet!
  • New PlumPad (Tablet): Wether you'd like to surf the web, watch simflix or even make digital paintings, this device is perfect for you!
  • New PlumMac (Computer): This gorgeous looking computer is featuring completely revamped categories and apps
  • New PlumBook Air (Laptop): Same new apps as the PlumMac, except this one is a laptop you can carry around the world... It even has a Touch Bar!
  • New PlumPod & PlumPod Mini (Smart Speaker): ask Linzi (your virtual assistant) to put on some music, make a call, or even to turn off all the lights of your connected Home...
  • New Pro Video Station: if you own the Sims 4 Get Famous, you will be able to buy this new media production station, with a powerful computer and the latest ring-light bought on Amazim, you'll be able to create the most interesting videos for your SimTube Channel
  • New AirBuds: if you own the Sims 4 Fitness Stuff, you will be able to get these new elegant wireless headphones
  • New Build/Buy and CAS items to create your own Plumfruit Store: want to build your own Plumfruit Store? You can! With these new items like the Hologram Phone Presenter, Glass Windows for the floor/roof, Plumfruit themed ad billboards, or even the official Plumfruit Employee T-Shirt. 

UPDATE 13th September Changelog:

- fixed the texturing and shading of the sales table

- fixed the Ui to be compatible with Darkmode

- Added a tooltip to explain the photos library app function

- Added Live Drag to the PlumPod mini

-Fixed the textures and shading of the Pro Video Station

- You can choose now in the download guide between dark mode or regular!

- Made the links to Darkmode more clear!

I hope you like this new pack, even if it's smaller than the ones I'm used to create. I had so much fun creating it and I'm sure a lot of you will enjoy playing with it! 

Watch out for Part 2, probably next month, I'm exploring new crazy ideas for it (Smart Watch, Smart Mirror, Smart TV!)

That's it for today friends! See you on Thursday for the release! 

Sending Love!


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