Finally have the first (Beta) chapter done! Here's an example of the comics I'll be posting in the future for early access (including process by request). 

These won't necessarily be posted in order as they would appear in the book relevant to timeline, etc. But they're still enjoyable without being in True Order.

And so begins this adventure. I have plenty more where this came from, and look forward to finishing them. I plan to put these in a self-published book that won't be released for at least another year. And it's pretty clear why as it's just me doing all the roles, and there are at least 70 stories and shorts planned.

I call these BETA because this is the very first one I've made from start to finish so I have an idea of what the style guide for the comics will be. Plus changes may always be made by the time I get to publishing it :). Proper editing and final checks and all that.