Early access and assorted ranting.
I find myself more and more opposed to the idea of Early Access. I have been through a few games in such a state and I think I've regretted every purchase, which, if you remember, I cite as the ultimate way to review a game...Whether you regret the buy.

At some point it became okay to put garbage on the steam store, cash in on the people you've fooled, and leave your game 20% complete. Some 'companies' seem to make a living out of just this, release the game with fake promises, grab the money, stop working on the game, start working on the next, repeat. There must be some legal barrier from letting the players declare fraud outright because I never hear about that happening, but at least the refund policy on steam has changed some.

But even what I consider to be a 'good' early access game (Killing Floor 2) has a problem. When the real game comes out, I'll have played it already, and been tired of it already. I want to love KF2, but updates are slow, and what content we do get is rapidly consumed, then player count drops and everyone lets the game collect dust until the next patch. At which point everyone will play it for a few days and then put it in the closet again.

This reminds me of Diablo 3, nobody I know plays it, but every major patch it's a big thing people talk about, and even players who felt they were done may come back. But only for a few days. I would prefer we make these games to last from the beginning, instead of short-burst surprises that burn out REAL fast. I love diablo 3, but I want the excitement to last more than 24 hours.

On paper early access is great, give the power to the people and not to a guy in a suit who will dictate the fate of a good idea. But can 'the people' be trusted with that responsibility? Sorta like how people use metacritic to bomb a product with bad reviews to lower its metascore, in order to make a political statement, rather than review the product. (Their responsibility) Bear in mind that people get hired and fired based on metascores now. (Fallout New Vegas)