Early Access: Self-Sovereign Identity Panel at the ADI Summit
This panel discusses the aspiration of Self-Sovereign Identity within our current systems of identity management  - in social networks, hospitals, banks, government databases, or (sadly) the next data dump. Is our identifying information essential to our daily lives, or is it collected based on an unquestioned security theatre that profiles and exploits the vulnerable? Can identity be automated, decentralized, secure, and global? Must we rely on third-party custodians to define who we are? Could we regain control of our selves?

Other Panelists:

Ana Badour - McCarthy Tetrault

Amber Scott - Outlier Solutions

Joseph Cutler - Perkins Coie

This is a panel discussion which took place at the Advanced Digital Innovation Summit (ADIS) on September 12th 2017 in Vancouver, Canada: https://antonopoulos.com/event/adisummit-vancouver-canada/

00:00 - Introduction

03:48 - The siloes of identity; what is self-sovereign identity?

06:28 - How much information do these services really need?

07:28 - The security theatre of identification; identity as a poor proxy for trust

09:37 - The deputization of the identity custodians

12:00 - The fascination with proving who we are; the assumptions underlying identification systems & requirements

13:26 - The privileges of identity

14:00 - When is identity necessary? Identity vs. attestations

18:02 - What is the role of goverments / corporations / individuals in managing identities?

18:56 - Maintaining a space for anonymity and the right to privacy

21:43 - Honeypots and trusted third-parties: Equifax vs. Estonia

23:40 - "The other 4 billion," refugees, and identity fungibility

25:36 - The dystopia of efficient identification

27:17 - The organic nature of identity; the ability to forget & forgive

29:47 - The value of memory; the danger and privilege of the power to manipulate memory; mistaken identities

34:30 - Immutability vs. mutability; what happens when laws change; the right to be forgotten / wipe identities ("declaring identity bankruptcy")

42:31 - Maintaining the organic, personal nature of identity

43:47 - The lie of insurance & credit monitoring industries

45:53 - Appealing to regulation vs. burying the system in noise

48:25 - Apple FaceID, biometrics, and sousveillance counter-action

50:41 - Key management and personal responsibility

1:04:00 - Paternalism: removing vs. teaching responsibility

1:05:40 - Estate planning for cryptocurrencies

1:08:40 - Improving user interface design to mitigate risks

1:10:23 - Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA); layered security

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