Early Access: 🇯🇵 Big Friday HEAVY Clean & Jerks 1+2!
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This is part two of the team Japan 🇯🇵 / team Germany 🇩🇪 training hall series.

Friday afternoon collarbone annihilation with Mitsunori Konnai and Masanori Miyamoto (both 69kg) - HEAVY on Clean & Jerks 1+2s!

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The session started off with some crazy high box jumps by Mitsunori (cold). After some warm up ping pong and the obligatory team meeting in front of the head coach, the two went straight to business.

A true max out session! Both went for PRs and had to work hard for them!

Guest Appearances:

  • Max Lang (he had to compete the next day, so he didn't snatch or cnj), who has in interesting shoulder warm up at 1:16
  • Tabea Tabel (75kg) working on Snatch Technique with a rubber band (she did that just for a couple of lifts)
  • Rober Joachim (69kg) & Yoichi Itokazu (62kg) Power Snatching

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