EARLY ACCESS: Cianwood City (Pokemon GSC) - Multiplayer III WAVE
Hello all!In honor of Water Org and Charity and feeling good, I'm letting my entire Patreon team check out this video of my contribution to the charity album, Multiplayer III: WAVE early! I only had a week to work on my track while directing the album with David Russell and Sebastian Wolff, but we have been successful in raising almost $1,000 for clean water, fountains, wells, and ultimately pushing for a world with healthier people and better women's hygiene and education across the globe.I will not be charging for this video naturally, as all I want delivered out of it is the message to assist those less fortunate, maybe check out the full album (you can check out the WAV in the shared Google Drive folder for those of you donating $1), and remember to get 8 cups of water a day! Having water keeps your skin fresh, your body energized almost as well as relying on caffeine, and you'll be taking advantage of the amazing resource not everyone has yet. Stay tuned on Youtube and follow @MultiplayerVG on Twitter for more information about the album, and as school starts to fluctuate expect next month to be full of determined music.