[EARLY ACCESS] Brave New World Cologne SC (2nd Apr. 2016)
I will post the finished videos from the Brave New World Store championship here. Nick is back behind the mic on this one. We had a LOT of fun with those videos.

#1 - The Mystery of the Dice


#2 - Moonlighting Hayley



#3 -  Run on the Snare


#4 - Return of the Dinosaur


#5 - Rock 'n' Roll Jaro



#6 - Whisky in the Jaro


And that's it for this tournament. The commentary on this one was less serious. But we thought it fits the tone of the tournament better. Game #2 was certainly the highlight. Too bad there was that one game-defining misplay. We didn't catch it when we recorded the commentary.

We will be moving on to the Regional in Hasselt. We will focus on the playoffs. But let us know if there is a swiss game we should include!