Early access: VITAL HEARTS - Tabletop RPG of Augmented Reality
This month's experimental role-playing game is set in "20XX", when virtual headsets are so popular, they're standard with all computers and consoles.  Massive-multiplayer games are more popular than ever. And no game is more cutting edge than Japan's own VITAL HEARTS, with its rich fantasy world, complex meta, and wonderful PvP and PvE balancing. As the company plans to launch servers in other markets, strange rumors begin to pop up on social media. Weird science, conspiracy, and even murder, all somehow linked to the game. Is this all just rumors, or does this game have some strange power over our world?

Using our flagship Cardinal game system, each player takes on two roles: both as a person living in the real world, and as their avatar in a computer MMO. Players will have to both level their avatars up on complex fetch-quests and dungeon-crawls, as well as investigate the mysteries of the real world. But dying in an MMO is just a time-out... it's the real world where you risk permanent death. Can you solve the mystery of VITAL HEARTS before it's too late?

Inspired by .hack, Accel World, Log Horizon, Overworld, Ready Player One, Tower of Druaga, Serial Experiments Lain, Twin Peaks, Dream Park, Futureworld, and other stories where a recreational fantasy becomes a nightmarish reality, VITAL HEARTS will both be a challenging fantasy-game inspired by computer RPGs and a compelling mystery where the stakes are all too real.

Pledgers to the Sanguine Patreon have early-access to this game while it's in development. This link will add the VITAL HEARTS to your Onebookshelf.com shopping cart for $zero. This link is for patreon-users only, for the month of October 2017.


This living document will be updated as we work on the game. Here at Sanguine, we remain committed to pushing the envelope of your gaming experience. Thank you for your support!

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