[EARLY ACCESS] Euregio V (5th June 2016)
will be posting commentated videos from the Euregio 5 here. The legal pack was Liberated Mind. I'm joined by Falko and ff0x for the commentary. We will show selected games from the Swiss rounds first and then the two top3 games at the end.

#1 - "The Finger is Back" (SYNC v Ken Tenma)


#2 - "Sour Facecheck" (Valencia v HB:EtF)


#3 - "The Game That Was Promised" (Valencia v SYNC)


#4 - "Make Weyland Great Again" (Titan Transnational v Andromeda)


#5 - "NEH Swansong" (Valencia v NEH)


#6 - "Clottage Cheese" (Valencia v NEH)


#7 - "Shuffle Them Good" (NEH v Andromeda)


Sorry I haven't updated this in while. We've recorded some of the commentary out of order. We recorded the commentaries in the middle of the series last and I was waiting on them. I wanted to upload the videos in sequence.

There are some new overlay Features in this series.  We now have a Tag counter since the number of Tag is becoming increasingly important in the meta. I added a Bad Pub counter as well. There is also a cool new animation for Rebirth, which was used extensively in this Tournament

We'll move over to the Hiveworld Regionals. Until then, enjoy!

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