Early April Update
Just wanted to let you all know what's on my plate this month…

Today I'm headed to Colorado. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, but Aaron and I and some local friends found amazing deals on flights and a condo for a full week. This was literally decided, planned, and executed the day after I got back from Texas. Some have asked me if this is for a convention show, but… no, it's a total impulse ski trip. I was sort of dragged along for the ride, but I ain't complaining.

It won't be all vacation, though! I'm bringing the laptop with me and I intend to work for two solid days on Birds of Kalacria. There's another chapter to share, I just need to bang it out of my head first.

Aside from spontaneous trips, I've been working on the next big project (after Cognitive Dissonance)… dance music. I've been toying with it for a while now, but this relationship is getting serious. You can expect to see full Trance/House sets at conventions in the near future (like… July, maybe sooner).

As for Cognitive Dissonance, I'm now working on the final artwork and mastering details. This one's still not officially being released until May, maybe June, since I have to work around the schedule of the mastering engineer.

At the end of the month lies Furthemore where Runtt and I will be throwing another piano rock party on the main stage. Hopefully we'll see you there!