Early Delivery: Dedicated Server
Some of you may have noticed a bit of site instability over the last several weeks, and I wanted to let you know what we've done about it.

The issue was the virtual server where Tabletop Giant had been born and raised.  Despite the best efforts of some very talented people, this virtual server became plagued with a recurrent hardware issue that had the nasty side effect of taking the site down for hours at a time.

This is obviously not acceptable - not to us, not to you - and so we have done something about it.  While donation levels are not quite at the 'reward' level for a dedicated server, we went ahead and did it anyway.  Tabletop Giant is now on a dedicated server with loads of resources, redundant safeguards, and other promising features which will help ensure a more stable experience for all involved.

We are happy to have made this upgrade early - it was the right thing to do.  Thank you to everyone who is already donating, and we do hope that others might consider helping this project with just one or two dollars a month.  

Thank you!

--John Walter (aka Tabletop Giant)