Early Eth's Skin update - page 22
An extra-early update of Eth's Skin (because I'll be at VanCAF all weekend and I know if I don't post it now then I will forget). My most favourite part of Eth's Skin was reshaping the already might-as-well-be-riddled-with-magic west coast of British Columbia into its own distinct world. Making up rules for how magic and monsters work in the story kept me entertained and busy for days (in a nutshell: magic saturates the coast, but it can't stray out onto the water [thus the reason for people living on the townships]. Those who have decided to live on land [beachwalkers] have had to invent ways to disguise themselves so as not to draw the attention of the beasts that live in the forests [thus the huge masks]. It's a compromise: they do live with the constant threat of eldritch horrors stomping out of the old growth, but in exchange they themselves are incredibly adept at using magic, and are far more in-tune with the earth, etc. . Not a lifestyle I would choose [townships all the way], but power to them.) If you're in Vancouver you should drop by VanCAF this weekend! I'll be there! Admission is free!
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