Early Exit Exiting, Entering Revisions
I promised myself that this NaNoWriMo would be like that of years ago -- write a novel in a month, give myself a few days off, and begin revising. No more emotional shit and brain injury snafus would derail me, I vowed!

Then one day grumbled into the next, each one tiring me, straining the brain, and my novel snoozed in Scrivener waiting for those promised Revisions.

And then a small noveling voice tapped me on my imagination. Thoughts began to emerge out of the gloom of fatigue and endless appointments. I could not write yesterday no matter how hard I wanted it. Neurons were deader than a doornail. But this morning -- yes! I was ready. My brain was awake. Neurons sparking. Imagination saying it was up for it. I revised one chapter. Slogged through it more like. But the next chapter was lots of dialogue. Easy peasy to revise, I told myself, and then I'd have two done! So I did it.

I'm hoping to finish in a couple of weeks. I'm looking for beta readers, those familiar with coding and those who have never seen a line of code. Game for it?

Become a patron, and you'll see some sneak peeks, decide if you'd love to get your hands on the whole manuscript and have your feedback help me finish it. Because beta readers are the best!!