Early Friday Video: Gaming Shenanigans - Ep 8
Hello, patrons!

This week's early Friday video is ChrisOfTheDead's Gaming Shenanigans - Episode 8!

Shenanigans is technically the successor to my longest running endeavor on YouTube. Back during Halo 3 and Reach I would search the Bungie file system for funny clips and would set them to fun-sounding music.

I would submit the series to the Bungie blog and they ended up featuring most of them. The old playlist can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxbvyXGq1ZB0iXvWAby4_Cr2oKa19mgQD

I started experimenting with the formula of adding silly sound effects during my Halo Reach days, albeit with a typo in the video titles.

Those videos can be found here:
A fair warning though, these videos we're made in late college, and I had not learned the YouTube rule of keeping intros short.

This series continues my love of just purely silly comedy where I take my saved game clips and slap on some silly sound effects. It's mostly Elder Scroll Oblivion, Skyrim, Halo 1-3 and Destiny, mostly because I tend to play and replay the same handful of games that I love for years on end.

Enjoy this Friday's video early, and thank you, patrons, for your patronage!


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