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  • Access to 100's our hours of Patreon exclusive Podcasts including: 'Breakfast Soup' (hosted by DT and Mish), 'Castle Chronicles' (hosted by Kev Castle) and more!
  • Ad-Free episodes of DTKC Show, TWIWH, and Breakfast With Blasi
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  • Access to retro episodes of: 'The Masked Maniac Show', Lost episodes of 'The Minority Report', vintage 'Blackhearts Hotline Reports'. Plus you'll get early releases of TWIWH and PPV Recaps.
  • Eligible to take part in our monthly 'DT Silver Giveaway' contest and PPV Predictions Contests for some awesome prizes!

    Want more? Check out the $10 VIP Tier below where you can interact & send in Questions & Comments for Patron Exclusive Podcasts w/ DTKC & Mish, take part in additional giveaways, & more!
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Pledge a generous $10 and become a VIP Member of DTKC Family! You will get EVERYTHING from our $5 Tier PLUS:
  • Interact with Don Tony, Kevin Castle, and Mish on all Patreon exclusive shows! You'll receive private threads before each show so you can send us exclusively questions and comments and it will be covered on the shows! You can ask DTKC and MISH anything! (within reason of course!)
  • You are also eligible to take part in TWO monthly contests: 'Silver AND Gold  Giveaways'  and PPV Predictions Contests for some awesome prizes!
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  • All prior rewards (from the $5 and $10 tiers) PLUS:
  • You will be part of a very exclusive list of special Patrons here as an 'ASSOCIATE PRODUCER' for all 'Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show' and 'Breakfast With Blasi' shows during the month!
  • We will shout you out on our weekly DTKC Show and BwB podcasts for the month. We will also list you on show synopsis pages located everywhere (Itunes, Stitcher, DonTony.com, etc).
  • Your exclusive feedback and suggestions will directly influence the direction and content for all our shows.
  • You are also eligible to take part in the monthly contests: DT 'Silver AND Gold  Giveaways' and PPV Predictions Contests for some awesome prizes!
$20 or more per month
Do you have an event, business, website, podcast, product, or even a cause you want promoted?

Whether you have a pre recorded commercial or if you want us to verbally plug something, we'll promote it on our  Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show AND Breakfast With Blasi shows throughout the month!

We'll start plugging it the moment you subscribe! Please, nothing illegal or lewd!
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