EARLY RELEASE: What To Do: Bird's Forst Day Home 🐥❓

Atleast 50 bird lovers asked us this question this week: "What should i do when i first get my bird." 

We recognized that a very few videos on Youtube cover this topic in detail and so we decided to ask Parrot Whisperer to cover this topic in detail. Parrot Whisperer, has dealt with over 13 distinct bird species and over 100 birds. 

From 5 years of first hand experience, he has learned what works and what doesn't; what are the best methods to tame & train a bird & the top secrets to success in bird training. 

Furthermore, PW has transformed the relationships of over 350 bird owners via Skype Bird Training sessions, over 200 bird owners via BT's Secret Bird Training system & has impacted over 11,000,000 bird lovers. 

Please do your research before getting a bird and know the responsibility you are getting yourself into!

❤️🐥👉🏻 Watch it here : https://youtu.be/hjUwAfn0o3E

🕊 Your Birds, Our Priority 🕊

Bird Tameness Team