Early Sweat Access: 100 Layers of Sweat - 60 Minute 100+ Moves Tabata Workout
OMG!!! This is such a CRAZY CHALLENGE!!! Lately, the YouTube craze has been "100 Layers" challenges - and we've witness everything from "100 Layers of Makeup", "100 Layers of Nail Polish", "100 Layers of Clothes" and other craziness - which got me to thinking "What if we did a 100 Layers of Sweat Challenge". This workout features 100 INSANE tabata [20 sec work/10 sec rest] exercises and incorporates bodyweight exercises, with light dumbbells, and abs exercises. By the end of this workout, you will definitely have shed 100 layers of sweat. Best of luck :)

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 Direct Link: https://youtu.be/u2HwJ9tTqAo