EARLY THOUGHTS: Best Podcasts for Kids
I've been a podcast addict for about a decade now, and it's been fun to see my six-year-old get in on the game.

I have in mind a longish post on the best podcasts around for kids, but it's so far down the list I thought I'd just write you a quick version now - and we've only just started, so I'm not claiming to have surveyed the whole field yet.

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A superb, high-energy science show from NPR (the American public radio network), hosted by Guy Raz (who you might recognise from the TED radio podcast) and Mindy. 

They're sort of playing themselves as characters (like Bret and Jemaine in FOTC :) ), exploring cutting-edge science by having larger-than-life adventures. Have a listen, it's really good. 


This science podcast is a lot calmer, and the selling point is that it is co-hosted each time by a guest kid. 

My kid has recently moved from WOW to Brains On as his fave.


This is so great! Folk stories from all over the world, retold and acted out, with full soundscapes. There's a gentle framing for each one that draws out moral lessons or asks what choices listeners would make. 


A spinoff from Brains On, this is a series of debates, like 'pizza vs nachos' or 'bats vs owls' where two adult debaters go through a series of argument challenges to make their case, which is judged by a kid.

Best for slightly older kids, probably (my six-year-old gets a bit concerned when the debaters get faux-snarky with each other, though he still adores it).


Online rather than a podcast exactly, but RNZ has an enormous collection of stories available as audio content. 

We've listened to the first two of Joy Cowley's fabulous Snake and Lizard chapter books, fully dramatised, about five times each. 

There are picture books (some with video content), short stories, and serialisations. Heeeeaps there. 

What's next? What are your faves? Leave a comment below to let us all know :)

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