EARLY VIDEO! That thumbnail though. 😆
I have been typing non-stop today, but I wanted to keep typing just to tell you how much I appreciate you. 😉 

I'm posting a new video tomorrow... because I want to. Before everyone else gets to see it though, you get to take a look at it! I apologize that it isn't anything too spectacular. Dad and I went out to test my new wig (yes, I am slowly bringing a new version of my Rhapsody GLW wig out for show) and to test out my heel-strap adjustments. IT WAS FREEZING COLD! 

Originally, I was going to swim out to the pier where I shot most of my videos, but my arms were already turning bright red in the minute or so it took me to let the air-bubbles out of my tail. Geez. Lake Michigan is definitely not warm enough to swim in yet. 

But yeah... the wig worked great, my heel straps were as good as it gets, and this test run was a great prep for this past Tuesday's big filming day (which went great!). Can't wait to show you guys more of what I've been up to. Until then, have fun with this video of a half-frozen fish! ♥

XOXO- Phantom

(P.S.) Happy Summer Solstice too!!!  🌞 

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