Early Weekly News Update
Configurable keyboard shortcuts are finally possible! There are only 12 shortcuts for now, but more will be added in the future. Also, the labels of the shortcuts will be updated to be formatted to be more clear and look better. I just didn't have time to do that yet. Shortcuts are usable from any window of the program. Here's a screenshot of setting a new shortcut binding.

The Next Four Weeks of OMP Development

For the next four weeks I'm going to focus on bug fixes, code cleanup, and minor improvements to OMP in order to polish it up before adding any more main features. A memory leak in the track data queue and the row dragging bug will be my main focus, but I hope to resolve all known bugs in the next 4 weeks. After that, on to more exciting features with a more stable OMP!

Sorry for the late in the day update! Thank you to my Patrons! I'll update you with my progress next week!

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