Early Xmas Present!
One of my very best Man Friends picked this up for me for xmas. He's excellent at Presents. For my birthday he got me a D20 made from a Meteorite. SPACE DICE! These here are Dice made from wood... from SATINE wood! It smells so incredibly wonderful! I can't wait to take it to GaryCon and play a few games with them. 

Which is a perfect time for me to discuss my plans for Garycon. I'll be rolling in with my Game School Crew: Jayson Elliott, Chad Parish & Peter Bryant. Representing TSR & Gygax Magazine. We will be interviewing the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME!!!! I've never been to GaryCon before so this will be quite an adventure! I'm just excited to meet other Storytellers and play all weekend! We will be live streaming what we can and recording everything. Doing some panels and drinking. apparently lots of drinking. 

GaryCon.com is March 3-6, 2016. 

Satine Wood: Native to Central and South America, Satine is a close relative to Bloodwood. It has a pleasant smell and is quite dense. Unlike Bloodwood, Satine has pronounced golden hues intermixed with deep reds. The chatoyancy (shimmer) in Satine is quite frankly amazing. It’s also one of the heaviest woods we use so it makes for an excellent set of dice.

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