Earn my Vote: Brad Friedman
I discovered Brad Friedman’s work on the Bradblog back in 2004 or 2005 when he was doing reporting on the inconsistencies of the 2004 election. At the time, the only place to find this information was the Bradblog and Brian Williams’ blog. I don’t always agree with Brad Friedman (I’m on team Dore when it came to the Charlie Hebdo debate) but I deeply respect his investigation and reporting on election issues. He is my go to place for that. His analysis of the recent gubernatorial race in Kentucky was second to none, and he raised questions without entering conspiracy theory territory.

This nugget I plucked off his show the BradCast. You should check it out!

As some of you know, this art project is posted all over social media, Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, and Daily Kos. (Daily Kos has the most vocal complainers. Part of the reason I stopped responding, because of the toxicity of the conversations.) I don’t want Donald Trump to win. However, I have been saying this all summer, Clinton can’t beat Trump unless she gives us an idea to rally around. Now the polls are tightening.

If not being Donald Trump is enough to win, then Mitt Romney would have won on not being Barack Obama, same thing with John Kerry and Al Gore for not being George W. Bush! The history of America has winners being someone with a simple idea you can repeat in a sentence. “I’m With Her” says nothing, and there are no ideas to make me be with her.

Here’s the problem, if you follow politics you know the issues. Say “Go to her website” is bullshit because her website doesn’t offer her plans, just some vague ideas which is ironic. Earlier this year she slammed Trump for having vague ideas. I know what Trump is about, he’s going to build a wall, deport 11 Million people, execute Edward Snowden, and hit on his daughter. Clinton has yet to lay out her vision of this country in that way.

Most Americans, and I’m not talking about the trolls on Daily Kos who accuse you of being a Trump supporter when you beg Clinton to be a better candidate, but every day Americans, need something to vote for or they will stay home. This fact is the key to victory. Trump is giving people something to vote for, a very ugly something that frightens me, so now the ball is in Clinton’s court. I’ve also said, she needed to lay this idea out at the convention and control the narrative until the election. After the “Mothers of the Movement,” in which no ideas were offered, the convention became more militaristic and Jingoistic. Nothing to vote for.

Since then, she’s had to play defense because she refuses to play offense and has been slipping in the polls. This is not the fault of Jill Stein or any third candidate, this is on Clinton for not leading. If you want to be a leader, then lead. Do it soon. It’s not too late to win this election, but soon it will be!

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