Earth/solar activity report. With explanations of how to read the graphs/charts in a ‘laymen’s term’ view so you can understand better 😊

Full report- with graph/chart guides in laymen’s terms so you can get a better understanding of what you’re looking at.

Looking at the sun in 193 angstroms, we can see a small coronal hole now turning Earth facing. This will only have little effect on Earth as it passes and the charged particles should be minor.

The sun did produce some C class flaring from the plasma filament lift on the upper left limb of the suns corona at the weekend but fortunately, it wasn’t Earth facing.

The sun also produced a strong solar flare on the lower left limb 2 days later but was fired 90 degrees of Earths position, thankfully.

Earths polar vortex split into 4 different vortices, something that I’ve never seen and is incredibly rare.

This also effects the formations of the jet streams in the tropopause, the wild part of Earths atmosphere where we are seeing a continuation of the polar and subtropical streams intermixing. This also brings sporadic weather events throughout the world.

This is due to the increasing cosmic radiation and sudden stratospheric heating. The vortex split is being harsh winter conditions to Europe and North America which will yet get worse as we move into February.

We did get a strong magnetic disturbance in Earths magnetic field which did not come from the suns solar wind. The barrage hit Earths magnetosphere from below, under the ecliptic and caused major disruption as the electromagnetic particles interacted.

We are still in our backside alignment part of the solar system with the approaching brown dwarf star (and companions) on the opposite side of the sun in relation to where Earth is on our orbital path. Here is a rough illustration-

Looking from above the ecliptic-

Looking from below the ecliptic-

So you get a better understanding of the graphs, magnetosphere, Schumann resonance, geomagnetic storms, solar wind, coronal mass ejections, X-Ray flux and how it all interacts with Earth, I will explain it in a manner most should be able to understand-

What we are seeing here is a side view of earth, not Birdseye. The sun is to the right of this image-

The solar wind is a stream of energised, charged particles, primarily electrons and protons, flowing outward from the Sun. (plasma). The solar wind stream comes from the sun on the right-

Earth is the ball in the centre, white side is day side, black side is night side.

The lines you see coming from the centre of earth, top and bottom are magnetic field lines from the north and South Poles..

In front of earth, the lines from top and bottom create a magnetic force field called the ‘bow shock’, Magnetosphere, that’s earths protection from the charged particles coming from the solar wind from the sun.

The magnetic field lines behind earth, (magnetopause/magnetotail) are disrupted due to electromagnetically charged particles hitting the magnetosphere from below. This is what the scientists classes as Normal vs disrupted-

And this is the new normal when it comes to disruption-

Cosmic radiation/charged particles/helium/lithium- solar irradiance is what’s in these energy waves that causes this to happen.

Our magnetosphere can be disrupted without it effecting the Schumann resonance.

The only way the Schumann resonance can be affected is when we have high ionospheric charging, for the Schumann resonance is what’s within our atmosphere ie (in order)-


stratosphere. ~

mesosphere. ~ Schumann resonance

thermosphere. ~


Then we reach the magnetosphere (classed as outer space) and here is where is being disrupted in these images.

Earths ionosphere is here-

Earths bow shock can stop the less dense clouds of charged particles from reaching Earths ionosphere and if the energy waves are coming from below the ecliptic, the particles are hitting the magnetotail/magnetopause which causes eddy formations as the charged particles interact with the magnetic field.

Here is an illustration of earths magnetosphere-

Here is an illustration of how the second solar wind is hitting Earths magnetotail/magnetopause-

The Schumann resonance is mostly affected by storms/lightning strikes that resonate electromagnetic waves around the planet. If there are storms, there are spikes in the Schumann resonance.

‘Geomagnetic’ storms are caused when high, dense impacts of protons/electrons (plasma from the suns solar wind) hit earths magnetosphere, the charged particles get pulled in magnetically at earths north and south poles, this is what creates the northern and southern auroras as the particles are pulled in. It’s not until then the electrons are dislodged from the dense cloud of atoms, this is the ionisation process.

This process creates positive ions in the ionosphere, thus leading to ionospheric charging.

The stronger the geomagnetic storm conditions, the denser and faster the solar wind stream is coming from the sun.

The stronger the solar wind, the stronger the geomagnetic storm conditions are thus, the brighter the northern/southern auroras are.

The strength of the solar wind is governed by the suns corona (suns outer layer).

The suns corona frequently has weakened spots due to the suns magnetic field not being able to contain the hot gasses, this leads to ‘coronal holes’.

The sun also occasionally forms ‘sun spots’. They are the darker, cooler areas in the sun’s photosphere which are formed due to the interaction of the suns magnetic field. Sun spots usually form in pairs with opposite magnetic polarity (negative/positive).

These cooler spots cause high arching of ‘plasma filament lifts’ which are continuously pushing and pulling magnetically in an aggressive manner.

Sometimes, the magnetic polarity can cause ‘snap backs’, this is when CMEs (coronal mass ejections) occur. This is much stronger than the typical ‘solar wind’ we get from coronal holes.

When Earth facing, the coronal hole/CME fires charged particles towards Earth with high density and speed.

When the stream of charged particles hit Earths magnetosphere, this is when we can register how strong the geomagnetic storm conditions will be using the ‘ACE’ satellite telemetry graphs (The NASA Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) satellite) and the KP index.

ACE telemetry graph-

Wind Speed (Yellow)-

There is a constant stream of particles flowing from the Sun outwards into the solar system. Solar wind speed is the rate that these particles are moving as they pass the measurement station. Typical, ambient, solar wind speed is around 300 kilometers per second. During a strong high speed wind stream generated by a coronal hole wind speeds can increase to between 500 and 750 km/s. Strong CMEs will also register high wind speeds, and can sometimes be in excess of 1000 km/s. High solar wind speed on it’s own typically won’t indicate that there should be aurora, but high solar wind speed can magnify the impact of the other three factors on this chart.

Proton Density (Orange)-

Density is a measure of the number of particles that are being carried in the solar wind stream. As the density increases, the force displacing the magnetosphere increases. The combination of high density and strong solar winds together can be enough to create an aurora display. The units on the graph are parts per cubic centimeter, p/cm3, and anything above 30 is very dense. 30 protons per cubic centimetres may not sound like much, but remember this is space, and there are a lot of cubic centimetres.

Bt (white)-

Bt is a measure of the strength of the magnetic field at the ACE satellite. Bt reacts to the interaction between the magnetic field of earth and the magnetic field generated by the particles being carried in the solar wind. Imagine a large cloud of particles, produced by a CME (coronal mass ejection) on the Sun, that carry a magnetic charge passing Earth, they will exert a magnetic force on Earth as they pass. Bt measures the strength of as it passes.

Bz (red)-

Bz is a measure of the direction of the magnetic field at ace. The field is three dimensional, so there are three components in the magnetic force, Bx, By, and Bz. ‘Bz’ is the strength of the field from the sun out through the Earth, ‘By’ is the strength along the parallel cutting from East to West across the equator, and ‘Bz’ is the parallel from the South to North Pole. Of the three, Bz has the most impact on aurora.

PHI (blue)-

The phi determines whether the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) is pointed towards the Earth or away from the Earth. As phi here is determined as 0-360 within the XY plane and in the GSM coordinate system, this means that the positive X-axis is pointing from the Earth to the Sun. This means for phi = 0 the field points to the Sun and for phi=180 the field points to the Earth. When the PHI angle is shifted to 180, it means the solar wind has impacted Earth.

Temp (green)-

The solar wind streams plasma and particles from the sun out into space. The ‘temp’ here literally measures the temperature of the plasma, protons, electrons, alpha particles as they come in on the solar wind.

The KP index is the platform that indicates how strong the geomagnetic storm is by measuring the disturbances in the horizontal magnetic field lines around Earth.

Basically, the more south the northern Aurora travels, the higher the KP value.

The lowest KP index starts at ‘0’ and the highest KP index is ‘9’

0-1KP means there is little solar wind coming from the sun, the auroras will be minimal. But, 0KP means Earths atmosphere is holding little charge, this means cosmic rays (big protons, not from our sun) can penetrate our atmosphere which is damaging to you and the environment.

2-4KP is the ‘Goldilocks’ geomagnetic condition. This is the perfect KP index to keep cosmic rays out of Earths atmosphere.

Anything below 5 have little effect on human health/orbiting satellites/electrical systems/HF (high frequency) communications. When we start seeing geomagnetic storm conditions above 5, we begin to see problems here on Earth.

5KP- also classed as a ‘G1’ is a semi-moderate geomagnetic storm conditions, Aurora will be visible high latitudes. Minor fluctuations on weak power grids. Minor impact on satellite operations.

6KP- also classed as a ‘G2’ is a moderate geomagnetic storm condition, Auroras will be seen at high and mid latitudes. Higher voltage alarms on power systems in higher latitudes. Drag effect on satellites that may need correcting from ground control. HF communications begin to fade out at high latitudes. This is what auroras look like at this level-

7KP- also classed as a ‘G3’ is a semi-strong geomagnetic storm condition. Aurora can be seen at high-mid latitudes and in some parts of the lower latitudes. Power surges can occur in electrical grids causing localised power outages, cell phone signal disruption, satellite navigation errors and loss of HF communication in high to mid latitudes.

8KP- also classed as a ‘G4’ is when Earth is in a serious geomagnetic storm condition. Auroras can be seen in all high/mid/low latitudes. Power surges can occur through the power grids in many places around the world causing major power outages, planes can be grounded, HF communications can be silenced for hours, satellite navigation can fail for hours, phone signals can be disrupted for hours. Risk on human health is increased, headaches, heart palpitations, seizures, dizziness, fatigue etc.

9KP- also classed as a ‘G5’, can only be caused be a Earth facing CME (coronal mass ejection, is the most extreme geomagnetic storm Earth can be in. Depending on location, Auroras can be seen as far south as France. Power grids can go down for days in many different areas around the world, many planes are grounded, transformers can explode, HF communications can be down for days, phone signal is heavily disrupted in certain areas, satellite surface charging is maxed. Human health risk is high.

The magnetogram will also flux as the electromagnetic particles interact with Earths magnetosphere when being pulled in at the poles.

The X-Ray flux, data measured by the GOES-15 satellite is also a good indication of how the sun is behaving. As stated, the plasma filament magnetic equilibrium can snap causing coronal mass ejections. The X-Ray flux is broken down into categories.



C CLASS ~ Solar flares/CMEs



A-C class flares are fairly moderate when Earth facing but high C class flares can cause geomagnetic storms of 5-6KP.

M class flares, when Earth facing causes strong atmospheric compressions on Earths magnetosphere which can raise the geomagnetic storm conditions to level 7KP as the charged particles get pulled in at the poles.

X class flares, When Earth facing causes ‘severe’ atmospheric compressions, very bright auroras and hit levels 8-9KP geomagnetic storm conditions, these are the flares that are most dangerous to Earth.

For example, 2 years ago, we had 3 X class flares Earth facing. This is what happened, geomagnetically, electrically and the effect on the auroras. Hopefully you’ll understand it better now you’ve read the above-

If an X45+ flare was to erupt in a Earth facing position, all electrical/power grids would fail, transformers would explode, huge power surges would take place causing power-lines to catch fire. It would mean Earth would be back in the dark ages within 17 hours of the solar eruption.

General solar wind from a coronal hole stream will take 48-72 hours to reach Earth. X flares take 17-20 hours so there would be little warning. This would be the EMP blackout situation.

‘WSA-Enlil solar wind prediction’ is another instrument we can use. It is a large-scale, physics-based prediction model of the heliosphere, used by the Space Weather Forecast Office to provide 1-4 day advance warning of solar wind structures and Earth-directed coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that cause geomagnetic storms.

Sun is in he centre , the yellow dot is Earth to the right of the sun. The coloured spiralling waves are the waves of charged particles coming from the suns red/white= extremely dense particles. So when the wave is hitting Earth, that’s when the charged particles are hitting Earths magnetosphere and process begins.

Lots of factors to take on board.

It all depends on the density of the atoms as they hit earths magnetosphere.

Higher the density, the faster the plasma wind speed, the bigger the atmospheric compression and the more charged particles we have in our atmosphere.

The lesser the density, the less effects it has on Earths ionosphere (as well as smaller auroras at the poles).

Other news-

Last 7 days of Earthquakes- there has been some strong Earthquakes already this year which is expected as we are still in our backside alignment. Strong 6s and 7.

Volcanic activity has also been increasing with lots of ash alerts, magma glow at the rim and eruptions.

Yellowstone has been seismically active with a few 3+ Earthquakes. Also saw the seismographs spiking with red magma rise across different parts of Yellowstone.

Earth axis tilt wobble data shows that we are beginning to enter the ‘pull’ stage which we always see yearly. You will see how all the lines seem to compress slightly back towards the middle. This always indicates the magnetic influence begins to make its connection.

2018 was titled ‘the year of the landslides’ which we continuously warned would happen and now the media are beginning to show snippets of truth. Every year the geological changes of Earth will increase as the brown dwarf draws closer.

Brexit looms, the ‘no deal’ brexit will cause incredible disruption throughout the UK. You can expect lots of road blockages, protests and major civil unrest from the ‘yellow vests’. We continuously warned that this was going to occur and it’s now all playing out, unfortunately.

The other side of the pond. The government shut down is now the longest running shut down in American history. There was incredible speculation of there being a declaration of ‘martial law’ announced by the live presidential speech. They cannot implement martial law unless there was a huge threat to the entire country or there was a huge catastrophic event. The American army are very patriotic, it would take a lot for them to turn their guns on their on people, in their own country. Martial law is indeed coming, but it will not be over this.

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