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EarthBound - Threed, Free at Last
Michael's been pushing us to try this song for many moons now. Here are his notes:


In the summer of 2004, while studying guitar at Berklee College of  Music in Boston, I awakened slowly from a strange afternoon dream -- possibly of me in the desert -- to hear this song playing from my laptop  beneath my bunk bed. I had recently downloaded the full EarthBound OST  and must have set Winamp to play the whole thing, possibly on loop. I'll  never forget the surreal feeling of dream slowly fading into early-evening waking, accompanied by this hypnotic piece on a lonely  night.

This theme is heard after Ness and Paula rescue the town of Threed from the zombies and monsters that haunt the town.

Extra Lives has been receiving requests for EarthBound music since our first  few months as a project. This song was actually slated for release in  December 2016, but we realized that we'd be releasing it around  Christmas so we opted for a more 'holiday'-themed EarthBound song --  "Winters White" -- to release on December 24th.

I've been wanting  to tackle this one with Extra Lives ever since, and I'm glad we waited. This ended up being the second to last song we played with Eric in the band, and a trance-like feeling filled the air as we began to play.

ExL normally plays louder/faster/more aggressive tunes, so listeners don't  always get to experience how present and deeply sensitive my bandmates  are as musicians every time we get together. But it should be obvious  from watching this live performance how profoundly connected and  in-the-moment we felt. This performance is probably the most magical  musical experience I've had with Extra Lives so far.