Easter thoughts, series reflections ...
Hi there LSC - its been a little while so more than time for a catch up. I also realize that what I see on my phone version of patreon is not the same as on my laptop - so I bet I've missed a few things! 

SO today was / Easter Sunday and I was singing in the worship team - not something I do very often ( Like its been YEARS). Anyway as I was singing all these songs about an empty tomb, I was reminded of our responding to God series - and the barriers. 

I realized that one of the barriers for me is that there are areas of my life that ( if I'm 100% honest here)  I've NOT allowed to be resurrected. I've been afraid of the new because its unknown, because its hard work, because its vulnerable. But then the tomb is a place of death - did I want to live in death and mourning forever? Funny how easy its been to get into a religious rut.

Sometimes with a series I have a sense of what God is doing in and through me. I  felt it with The Wilderness ( oh THAT place) I felt it with Hello and Goodbye. But this time I didnt at all.  It wasn't quite going through the motions but  not quite inspired! 

Until a week ago - when I realized I felt like myself for the first time in maybe 5, 6 years. Its been that long, for multiple reasons. Big disappointments, big moves, big changes meant my get up and go - got up and went! Until recently - when all I can say is I recognized myself again....

And though its all in process so I don't fully understand it all, I can say that sometimes responding to God is has been simply being with Him where He is, staying in that place, moving where he is - even when its beyond the empty tomb - and letting Him make all things now.

By your Spirit I will rise, from the ashes of defeat 

The Resurrecting King, is Resurrecting me

Those words took on new meaning today.  And it felt a bit like a new day....

The series may be over, but keep responding to God, loves.