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Easy Bake Birthday Bot
Hello friends! It's my birthday and I wanted to give a quick shout out and warm welcome to the new patrons who came here to support me on this special day. Thank you so much for joining me and being a part of my art and science project! 

Since it's my birthday and I have some new friends here I thought it would be fun to create a new scifi robot based on the main chemicals in our favorite birthday cake flavors of vanilla and chocolate! 

Today I present you with the Easy Bake Birthday Bot or Bake Bot for short! The Bake Bot  automatically adjusts to the fluctuating air pressure at the Feel Good Bar and Grill on the moon Enceladus so it can bake the perfect cupcake every time. 

The moon Enceladus has no atmosphere so to create my imaginary Bar and Grill on the surface an atmosphere with air with oxygen will need to be produced inside of a dome. This will likely create conditions that occasionally fluctuate and that are similar to the conditions in an airplane or at high altitudes. This means that cooking temperatures will probably have to be raised. It also means that food may taste less salty or sweet and so recipes will have to be adjusted to remain tasty. Ever wonder why airplane food is so terrible? It might actually be you and not the food that has lost its taste. Here is an interesting article that explains the phenomenon: (Special thanks my JPL engineer friend, Asad Aboobaker for teaching me this fact!)

But not to worry. The Bake Bot is a highly advanced futuristic baker and has  perfected the space traveler's recipe for yellow cake. You can even pick vanillin (the main chemical in vanilla) or theobromine (the main chemical in chocolate) for frosting flavoring. The bot will adjust for sweetness since theobromine is actually bitter. It will also give your nervous system a bit of a kick since it reacts in the body in a very similar way to caffeine. In fact, theobromine is often mistaken for caffeine and that is why chocolate has gained the false reputation for being caffeinated when in reality some of its molecular structure is just very similar to what we find in coffee. Vanilla is my personal favorite and so that is what Bake Bot is using in the drawing.

The Bake Bot can also play Happy Birthday in any language thanks to the speakers on its head. It's playing in Spanish for me right now. Awwww, me gusta, Bake Bot. ¡Muy bueno!

The high resolution version of this drawing is attached to this Patreon post so you can download this drawing and print it, frame and or color it.  Enjoy! And thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!