Easy compilation of your games for iOS!
(More screenshots here !)

You can now take any Castle Game Engine game, and recompile it for iOS (iPhone, iPad) easily. No need to write any iOS-specific code. Short instructions:

  • Follow iOS docs  to get FPC, with a cross-compiler, for iOS targets.
  • Inside CastleEngineManifest.xml, define game_units="...", listing the necessary game units to be included in your lpr. It's often just a single unit, that pulls other units along as dependencies.
  • Run "castle-engine package --target=ios --verbose" in console.
  • Open the resulting project in XCode. From XCode you can build it, run it in a simulator, publish... I emphasize that the project builds *out-of-the-box* on Xcode, zero modifications on your side are necessary. Just open the project, and press "Run" button in XCode.

I will be posting more details (and polishing some rough edges) soon :) Learn more about the build tool ("castle-engine")  and CastleEngineManifest.xml at these wiki pages . I just updated them with information about --target=ios and game_units.

Many thanks go to Szymon Stoma and Ten Square Games for making Apple hardware available to me, making it all possible!

And a great many thanks to Jan Adamec, who made the initial iOS work in our engine! Everything I did was just rehashing of that work, to integrate it with the build tool.