Easy German Shop
Good evening dear Easy German community :D

Today we are happy to finally present you our brand new and very own Easy German shop. We hope you like it just as we do. We can't wait to one day hear about two random people meeting in the streets and greeting each other in German because of a shirt or small Easy German button. One day it will happen :)

To check out the store, visit:



And this is for all 5$+ Patreons:

Remember: 5+ Patrons geht a free shirt + bag after 2 months of subscription :)

How to claim your gift?

1. Choose a shirt + bag of your choice from the shop.

2. Send a link for the products + your t-shirt size to Cari: schmid(at)theglobalexperience.org

3. Check if the shipping address you entered on Patreon is still valid. If not, please include a new shipping address in the email.

4. Your shirt + bag will be delivered to your home :)

Thank you all for your continuous support.

We are incredibly happy and thankful for you.