Eat the Food! Update #1

The small ballroom was filled to the brim. Close to a hundred people pack themselves into that room It was a pretty exclusive event. Everyone dressed in their finest. The room was decorated with royal blue curtains with gold trimming. The tables were solid oak notable clothe big circular tables that could seat almost a dozen people. Sitting at a table near the wall farthest from the stage was Will and his Wife. Will look at his elegantly dressed wife. Red satin, and backless to boot. It was rare to See Alice in a dress. Which just showed how much she wanted to be here. She was a fan of Peter Chao. 

Peter Chao was the host of Good Chow! With Peter Chao. He was famous for his unusual but tasty food. Using ingredients most Americans wouldn't eat. Like his ant and grasshopper bisque. Or his eyeball bread pudding.  Most steer clear of his unusual cuisine but many were fans of the show none the less. His die-hard fans bravely ate anything he made. To reward them he invited one hundred of his greatest fans to come and sample his greatest creation.   

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