Eat the Food Update #8
 Here is today's delectable Eat the Food update.  

Group B:

Will called out to the man who gave him the gun. "We got to get to Peter! He knows what's going on!" The two of them used the side wall to run up to the stage. Will grabbed Peter and helped him up. "Common!" He shouted. 

The three of them made it to the backstage area. The zombies were following. Behind the stage was an emergency door. They went through it into an ally. Closing the door and securing it with a pipe. The man who gave Will the gun said. "I'm Sam."

The door gave a jolt and they looked around real fast. There was a fire escape. "Up!" Said Sam. They climbed up the fire escape. When they got to the roof of the building they were able to look out at the world around them. As the sun was setting they saw a far different world from the one they knew. The buildings were dilapidated, the power was out and in the streets below they could see the zombies wandering the street.  It was the zombie apocalypse.

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