Eat the Food Update #20
 Here is today's delectable Eat the Food update.  

Group A:  

Jackie was silent. 

 "How did this happen?" Asked Alex. 

"Well, this asshole here apparently got a recipe for cursed horderves from the fucking Necronomicon of cookbooks!" Said Sam pointing at Peter. 

"It's true." Said, Peter. "It is all my fault."

"I don't fucking believe this!" Said Jackie. 

"Well, what do you remember?" Asked will.

Jackie motioned to the uniforms that she and Alex were wearing. "We were working. Stalking the shelves. Then we fell asleep. When we woke everything was gross. Then you people and that zombie showed up." 

"Say what is wrong with all the food?" Asked Will. 

"Rot." Said a new voice. Everyone turned to see a steely eyed man standing behind them. He was wearing a dusty old trench coat. His eyes were empty and cold but they couldn't help but feel compelled. "That's what I call it. It's affected nearly all food everywhere. You'll have to forgive my dramatic entrance. You can call me Colt."  

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