Hey y’all Gabriela here! Thank you for supporting our efforts, I am super excited to share our latest adventure with you.

THE STORY BEGINS: Last year, I befriended local artists from El Taller Colectiva, a local art hub in Cuba which hosts community events and provides free art classes for Habanero kids and young adults. I witnessed amazing work from these artists: Miguel, Yomer, and Yoanny. During my time with them, I remember wanting to paint. However, when asking where I could buy paint, they laughed and explained how paint can’t be purchased in Habana.

WHAT? Apparently, acrylic + watercolor paints, as well as other art supplies are unavailable for purchase to the general public. Instead of purchasing supplies, El Taller Colectiva kindly shared their limited supplies, and I promised that if I came back to Cuba, I would try my best to hook them up with art supplies and media. 

FAST FORWARD TO NOW: I’m going to Cuba in March! I’ll be hosting a series of free photography classes at El Taller Colectiva!! My aim is getting children abroad active in art, specifically photography. 

A few weeks ago I published the mini campaign for them and began collecting art related donations from friends and close ones. So far I’ve received a couple USBs, coloring books, crayons, color pencils, unused makeup, a D90 camera, and a Nikon point and shoot. 

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